In SthlmUP's business committee and education committee, we have the majority of partners, which are companies that together with us want contacts to be made between students and the business community.


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As a partner of SthlmUP, the company has at one point during the contract year the opportunity to organize an optional event where we invite all members of the association. The company may then hold an optional lecture or workshop for humanities students.

Only partners to SthlmUP's business committee or education committee have the opportunity to hold events where we invite all human resources students. 

SthlmUP will market the company with presentation and logo in our social channels and here on our website. As a partner, the company also has the opportunity to advertise freely via these social platforms, which reach hundreds of students and newly graduated human resources scientists. Here, both events and jobs can be advertised. 


Since the start in 2004, the mentorship project has provided hundreds of students with mentors from the business world. The project is for you who study semesters 2 to 6 in the PAO program and has been appreciated by both mentors and students. As the PAO program lacks internships, this is a perfect opportunity to gain an insight into working life. Many students feel that the mentor is a support for both the ongoing studies and the future professional life.

The mentorship project is a collaboration between SthlmUP, the trade union Akavia and the training company Advantum Kompetens. The purpose of the mentorship project is to give students an insight into professional life and take part in the mentors' experiences, knowledge and ideas as well as to create contacts and networks.

Become a mentor to a student

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, get more information or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


The Mentorship Project - Kickoff 2020

On 11/5, it was time for the mentoring project 2020's kickoff. This time the event took place online, due to the prevailing circumstances in the world. During the kickoff, the first meeting takes place between the mentors who are active in the human resources sector and the students who have signed up for the project. A total of 23 students and mentors participated. We want to thank Akavia and Adavantum competence AB for a cruel and rewarding kickoff and also the project group from Sthlmup. 

We wish all new mentor couples good luck. 

Elin Jonsson from Akavia participated and Per Dahl participated from Advantum competence.


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Jusek and Civilekonomerna have formed a new union together - Akavia, AKA for academia and VIA for road, ie the academic road. The name is based on the promise that each member will receive an exchange for their academic education throughout working life, from study time to retirement. Now we are bigger and stronger together with 130,000 members.

We offer a collective excellence in all important issues and of course engage in your and each member's unique situation.

During the study period, the membership is free of charge so that you will receive even better support in the meeting with the labor market of the future. Become a member of

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