Who are we?

SthlmUP is a student association for you who study the PAO program, PAO master, AKPA or similar education at Stockholm University. 

SthlmUP works for a broad community among the semesters and to create a good community. Our purpose is also to be involved, together with our members, and influence the education while we make good contacts with working life. 

What is our purpose?

The purpose of SthlmUP is to gild the study time for our members. This is done in part through our four different committees that work to create different activities. Within the committees, there are good opportunities to get involved high and low.

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Have you been a member in previous calendar years? In that case, you will receive an email at the beginning of the new calendar year asking if you want to continue being a member. Have you changed your email address and therefore not received your email? In that case, contact the board

Together, we want to create community within the PAO program at Stockholm University and ensure that the study period becomes more rewarding and entertaining.

If you want to get involved in SthlmUp, please contact us in person or via email, you do this under the tab Contact.

The board

Styrelsen består av nio förtroendevalda som väljs in på Årsmötet och halvårsmötet. Ledamotsposterna är; Ordförande, Vice ordförande, Ekonomiansvarig, Projektansvarig, Klubbmästare och Utskottsordförande för våra fem utskott. Varje styrelseledamot har en mandatperiod på 1 år men det finns möjlighet att avgå efter ett halvår. Det viktigaste med att vara ideellt engagerad är att det ska vara roligt. Vi möter alla framgångar och motgångar som ett team och utvecklas tillsammans. 

Liv Roel

Contact Liv:

Filip Haglund
Vice Chairman

Kontakta Filip:

Lise Rumert
Project manager

Kontakta Lise:

Daniela Molander
Finance manager

Kontakta Daniela:

Mikaela Ahlstrand
Chairman of the Entertainment Committee

Kontakta Mikaela:

Sara Mazaheri
Chairman of the Business Committee

Kontakta Sara:

Linn Friberg
Chairman of the Education Committee


Emma Hellsten
Ordförande för PR & Marknadsutskottet

Contact Emma:

Lova Händel
Ordförande för Aktivitetsutskottet

Kontakta Lova:

Johanna Laxhed

Kontakta Johanna:

Ida Bengtsson

Kontakta Ida:

William Eklund

Kontakta William:

Ebba Comstedt

Contact Ebba:

Alice Gustafsson

Kontakta Alice:


The Entertainment Committee

The entertainment committee ensures that the study period gets an extra golden edge. Our mission is to bring students together from all semesters by arranging memorable moments. Our goal is to dispel the myth that there is no student life at Stockholm University, which we do by arranging events such as kick-ins, exam pubs, sessions, trips abroad, parties, ski trips and much more!

The Business Committee

The Business Committee strives to link academic studies with the labor market. We work actively to create a broader understanding of working life and the variety of work by connecting with the business community and future employers. We do this by inviting relevant lecturers, arranging workshops, mingling opportunities, study visits and a Personnel Science Day, which provides an insight into working life after the education.

Education Committee

We strive to together create a platform where all types of proposals effectively reach either the responsible teacher or directly to the management team. It all depends on where the opportunity for implementation is greatest. This balance is a constantly living process as we belong to no less than six different institutions, all of which have different needs.

PR & Marketing Committee

The PR and Marketing Committee works overall with all of SthlmUP's committees to develop the internal as well as the external information flow. Through various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we develop creative solutions where our hope is that we will reach all members of SthlmUP in a more efficient way. We also work actively to improve the website where our goal is for the website to become the central and obvious meeting point for all Stockholm University's humanities students.

Activity Committee

The focus of the committee is on mental and physical health for all members. We try to create this through fun activities, lectures and the like. The committee also includes the training group.

The committee has just been created and is looking for new tagged people to develop it


SthlmUP's newest committee!

Klubbmästeriet arbetar med onsdagspub och overaller till alla SthlmUPs medlemmar. Här finns det godmöjlighet att engagera sig för att utveckla sina bartenderskills, designa märken eller hjälpa Klubbmästare Johanna med verksamheten. 

Utskottet har precis skapats och söker nya taggade personer för att utveckla det.

Vi beställer märken från

The Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee interviews applicants and the candidates who choose to accept the nominations. After that, the nomination committee deliberates to agree on a proposal that is first presented to the board and then to the members. Finally, it is the annual meeting or the half-yearly meeting, ie members present at each meeting, who decide who may manage the trust for each role. 

The work of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee's work is to find suitable candidates for the roles in the Board, the Nomination Committee and the Audit before the annual meeting, and to find suitable candidates for vacant roles before the half-yearly meeting.

How the work is carried out is up to each nomination committee and can, for example, involve participating in kicks for new PAO students and attending SthlmUP's committee meetings. Members can apply for the various roles themselves, and be nominated by other members of the association. You can read more about all roles here:

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Here you will find adjusted meeting minutes, policies, guidelines and all the association's documents. Click on the button to get to the association's SharePoint page where we save our documents.