Human Resources Day

An inspiration day and labor market fair aimed at students with an interest in a career in HR.

What is the Human Resources Day?

During the education, the PAO students gain a lot of theoretical knowledge about personnel science. But what happens after graduation? What opportunities are there? Which roads can you go? These are just a few questions that visitors are answered with the help of inspiring lecturers. Visitors also have the opportunity to make contact with companies that may become their future employers. It is a fantastic day to explore the HR industry and be inspired by the various opportunities that await them.

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Once a year, SthlmUP's business committee arranges a staff science day. Current and former students and newly graduated personnel scientists from both Stockholm University, Uppsala University and Södertörn University are welcome to participate.
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Project group 2021

Save the date - 14 May 2021!

Stockholm University's Personnel Science Association (SthlmUP) welcomes you all to the P-day (Personnel Science Day) 2021. This year's theme for the day will be HR in change and we have invited lecturers, a panel and various companies that will participate during the day. Personnel Science Day 2021 will take place digitally!

We who plan the day are Mathilda Schöfl, Nesrin Dawe, Lamia Nabil, Izabelle Brohed and Simone Lindqvist. If you have any questions, please contact us in the project group at:

Keep an eye out and visit our website, which is continuously updated with information until the current day: HERE

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