New student on the PAO program

Congratulations to you who have been admitted to the bachelor's program in Personnel, Work and Organization at Stockholm University!

You now have three fantastic years ahead of you with exciting courses and a bunch of wonderful people to share this with. We at SthlmUP will do our utmost to gild your study time. This website is therefore full of information and aids to facilitate.

Till höger finns info för klass VT24 om er inspark. 

Tre supertips innan insparken:

– Ladda ner Hitract för att anmäla er

– Läs igenom Välkomsttalet både från skolan och från oss 

– Slappna av och ha kul! Insparken är till för er skull!

3 tips for new students in the PAO program

Course literature

Do not stress about buying course literature for a new price on various websites, there is a facebook group called “PAO bookstore”Where you can find exactly the literature you are looking for for a really good student award. The group consists only of students who read or have read the PAO program and also offers other good tips. There is also a bookstore in Allhuset, next to Akademibokhandeln where you can find used course literature cheaply.

The type of course literature you should buy is laid out in the PAO program website during each course. 

Become a member of SthlmUP!

SthlmUP is a student association for you who study the PAO program, PAO master, AKPA or similar education at Stockholm University.

SthlmUP works for a broad community among the semesters and to create a good community. Our purpose is also to be involved, together with our members, and influence the education while we make good contacts with working life.

The purpose of SthlmUP is to gild the study time for our members. This is done in part through our four different committees that work to create different activities. Within the committees, there are good opportunities to get involved high and low.

Medlem blir du numer på Hitract, finns där appar finns!

The campus area

Campusområdet på Stockholms Universitet är stort och ni kommer under era tre år att hålla till  i många olika byggnader runt om på Campus, men var inte oroliga! Vi i SthlmUP kommer första dagen att möta upp er vid tunnelbanan och guida er runt byggnader som ni kommer ha nytta av!

During the kick-in, we will also take you around the rest of the campus so that you can get to know the area and be able to more easily find your lecture halls without complications.

Participate in the mentorship project

To participate in the project, you must be a member of SthlmUP and a member of Akavia. The purpose of the mentorship project is to give students an insight into professional life and take part in the mentors' experiences, knowledge and ideas as well as to create contacts and networks.
Since the start in 2004, the mentorship project has provided hundreds of students with mentors from the business world. As the PAO program lacks internships, this is a perfect opportunity to gain an insight into working life. Many students feel that the mentor is a support for both of them
ongoing studies as the future professional life.

The mentorship project begins with a kickoff at the end of May, after which students meet and by agreement for six months. At the meetings, the chance is given to exchange thoughts, experiences and share ideas with each other. The adept is responsible for keeping in touch, planning meetings and preparing questions and themes for your meetings. On average, previous mentor couples have spent about 1-3 hours a month on the project. ”

The project group's task is to match mentors and students, where the goal is to be able to match people with similar interests and expectations regarding the project. People in higher semesters will be given priority as as many as possible should be able to participate in the project before graduation. However, it is free to join the project and find your own mentor.