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Why did you choose to go on an exchange term?
As an active in HR, it is important to take part in several cultures, especially if you (like me) want to work with development and diversity. - How can you say what is the best way to do things if you have not experienced different things? Plus it felt great to meet new people and see new parts of the world!

Which institution did you go to? And how do you think the education is in Hong Kong?
I went with the pedagogical department's central agreement. 
I read many interesting courses, but it was not at all the same level as at SU. Mostly due to the level in the classroom: unfortunately there was a lot of talk and confusion instead of focusing on the teacher. Easy tasks, a little study but a lot of time in the classroom!

What is the most difficult part of applying for studies abroad?
To keep track of all things! Lots of little things to fix on different portals, deadlines, etc. So tip: make a calendar with reminders for everything! Type of accommodation, course application, visa and vaccine. 

👍 and 👎 with the exchange term?
+ New wonderful experiences with terribly good weather. + Personal development. + Is such a damn nice place on earth. - The food. As a vegan, it is kind of impossible, so I needed to eat a lot I otherwise avoid (because I do not want to starve). 

How did you live? Was it difficult to solve housing?
I lived in an apartment with 8 girls, where we share a kitchen, etc.
There is a guaranteed place on campus, but it is difficult to get the accommodation you want. I had my own bedroom while most needed to share 2-3 people. But if you nag in good time before you get far!

How many places do you compete for to go to Hong Kong? What are the requirements?
4 places per year, so type 2 / semester! Current requirements, the only "requirement" that the average grade in previous courses is C. 

Is there something you SHOULD think about before applying, ie be in good time with?
I would probably say that one should think about what it means to go to the other side of the earth, because it is a real change. It's so damn worth it though !!!

Is it easy to credit the courses in Hong Kong?
Yes! There is a lot of pill with it, so keep in touch with the department you want to study at later only! But I credit everything!



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