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Why did the choice fall on Bangkok? Feels like an "odd" choice.
My main goal was to go on an exchange, and from the beginning I laughed that Thailand was on the list. I thought about it and quickly realized that going to Bangkok would be a sick experience. Which it was too! Wow!

Did you go to the same class?
Nope, did not go with the same people in any of my classes haha. 
When I got there, I quickly realized that MANY did not speak English, so I started a Thai language course to be able to speak. 

Is there a lot of difference between the school there and SU?
All courses are read in parallel, midterms in Oct & finals in Dec. The courses themselves were more difficult than in Sweden. The students (if I may generalize) were very careless with the teachers, sometimes it felt like only the international students were listening (though exception, 2 of my teachers were CRAZY strict). You ate food at school, like SEK 7 / meal. The school was extremely large and there are many courses in English!

How did you like school?
I liked the school on the courses I read! But many differences such as: school uniform, prices, the heat, the people, the food, the traffic, that I was at the far end of the class, & that the school was literally right in the center. 

Did you have a lot of time left to travel?
Every week Wednesday night-Sunday night if you wanted. Just want to clarify - there was the luxury of being an exchange student! Even though the courses were tougher there than at SU, I had the freedom to set my schedule - hence I only went to school Mon - Wed. 

Did you spend most time with other exchange students?
Yes, barely hung out with any Swedes (if I remember correctly we were 34,000 students in the school, of which at least 1,000 are exchanged, so it was easy). In my classes, however, I was the only exchange student!

Did you get credit for all your courses?
You could credit the courses, but it could be a bit problematic for me, so I skipped it and chose the courses I wanted to study instead.
I read: English for psychology (general), Thai language, Industrial & Organizational psychology. 

Did the school help to arrange a lot or did you have to manage everything yourself? Refers to SU's central
"Email the school in Thailand, they have better answers" I got in answer to many of my questions! Plus they changed supervisors in the middle of everything… and during this period I also lived in the US - but .. the school in Thailand helped a lot! Fixed Buddy (who showed me around town & school the first few days) & accommodation. 

Can you do a lift and diss?
Diss: - That I did not have a kitchen & needed to eat at a restaurant every day even though it is EXCREMULALLY cheap… but you get tired of Thai food. 
- To wear a school uniform in 30 degree heat every day

Elevator: - Everything, of course! Friends, school, all the adventures & trips I have been able to go on, the simplicity of everyday life, the warmth, the teachers & that you have been able to live a luxury life on an average budget…

Did you find it difficult to get a place?
Unfortunately there was only one place to Bangkok via central. It was not very difficult to get the place. Think a lot is about one's personal letter! Grades matter (have I heard) but I do not have full score… & I came in. 



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